Camping, sketches and watercolors. I was fortunate enough to spend a week kayaking around breathtaking islands of the PNW.


I created this sample of illustrations to respond to a call by my favorite podcast: Radio Ambulante. If you are a Spanish speaker, go check it out. It is truly wonderful.


Napkin narratives tell stories of things I’ve observed, things I’ve made up and things I’ve felt deeply. I challenge myself to write each narrative in less than three sentences. It makes it fun.


I once made a ceramic hedgehog. Then I drew that hedgehog with a goal to make a birthday card. Instead, I ended up making this set of five un-birthday cards.


Smiling with heart and soul and letting none of it show is one of the unexpected skills I developed through my experience as a pre-K teacher. Only some of the uplifting gems suit the postcard format, but I gathered enough for a decent collection.


This could very well be the first of them all. The first of this kind of collection. It was an assignment in college and I don’t remember all the details. I know I painted three small pieces, but the professor had asked for one big one. I loved the name of the class: “Color and Composition”, simply.